PART 2: Don’t Wake Up brings together another diverse group of artists under the cover of North Henry Annex. Once again, the contributing artists were asked to participate based on our respect for their individual practices while envisioning the interaction of those practices with this space.

Artists included in this exhibition are:

Aaron Gilbert
Bradford Willingham
Colby Bird
Jani Benjamins
Kirsten Deirup
Nathan Dilworth
Nathan Whipple
Owen McAuley

North Henry Annex invites you to get lost inside its walls. Like the set of a film, the memory of another place, or a hallucination, uncover these new visions and spaces between.

Organized by:
William Latta
Nathan Spondike
Susan Sabiston
Colt Hausman

Exhibition will be open June 11 - June 28, 2011.